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Exciting Update: Smart Dental Compliance Just Got a Makeover!

We are thrilled to announce that Smart Dental Compliance has been upgraded to Version 2.0. This new version is faster, more efficient, and packed with improvements to enhance your experience.

To experience the new Smart Dental Compliance Version 2.0, you must use this link to log in.

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If you prefer, you can revert back to the old version once you are logged in.

Training Available

If you need training on how to use Version 2.0 effectively, you can . Our team will be happy to assist you and ensure you get the most out of our updated system Training

Thank you for your continued support. We are committed to providing you with the best service possible and are excited for you to experience the new and improved system.

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The AIOM software is designed to work for small to large dental corporates. Our key features allow area managers and even multiple site managers- to overlook all sites with just a click of a button. Here are some key features:

CPD Dashboard

Bitesize Verified CPD for you and your team…

CPD Dashboard

Bitesize Verified CPD for you and your team…

CPD Dashboard

Bitesize Verified CPD for you and your team…

CPD Dashboard

Bitesize Verified CPD for you and your team…

Manage everything in one place, promptly!

Manage all your day to day activities with one simple software. Whether it’s updating compliance, completing CPD courses, recruiting staff or calculating annual leave and much more…

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Mock CQC Inspection

See if you’re ready for a CQC inspection through our mock inspection tool

Initial CQC Registration

We will support all aspects of your CQC registration application. So that you achieve your CQC registration as quickly as possible. This incaludes personal tutoring of your registered manager in advance of your pre-registration interview, preparing policies and assisting with your DBS and CQC application forms.

New Practice Start Up Package

Are you planning on opening a new practice? Well, look no further. We provide registration set up, this would include taking care of your CQC registration forms, guiding you through the initial start up process, all the way through till the end. We’ll organise an initial inspection visit advising you on the best equipment, best services, and cost-effective programmes.

Platinum Compliance Package

The platinum compliance package is excellent for practices, who want a complete piece of mind. It includes your annual risk assessment & training. This is an annual package that would take care of all your compliance needs. All services and training can be booked straight through the All-In-One Management Software.

Smart Consult Package

Compliance Management, Online CPD Courses, HR Management & Rota Management, Annual Mock Inspection, Full Compliance Support, 2 Consultancy Days, Completion of 6 monthly Audits, Completion of risk assessment, Management of HR Files, Management of Staff Training, Monthly Compliance Check In Calls with Team, Compliance Team Training Sessions

Replace current complex systems with AIOM. Which is simple and easy to use.

AIOM Experts

Meet the team behind AIOM. Our professional experienced consultants are always there to support you with your compliance and HR activities. You can contact them via phone, email or online chat.

Bita Baniassadi

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Victoria Yannagas

Business Development Manager

Saba Arif

CEO & Founder

Tiannie Charlesworth

Customer Succession Lead

Fauzia Wali

Compliance Consultant


Customer Succession Lead

Catalin Damian

Software Techinical Support

Shivam Pratap Singh

Software Technical Support

Subhan Arif

Technical Engineer
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    Free Resources

  • Pre Dental Monitoring Check List

  • Health Technical Memorandum: Safe and Sustainable Management of Healthcare Waste

  • Wellbeing Support for the Dental Team

  • Delivering Better Oral Health Toolkit

  • External Testing's and Intervals


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  • Brand New Dashboard design added

  • New Onboarding Process added

  • New Mock Inspection tool added

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